Learn The Secrets To Chisel Your Own 6 Pack Abs Quickly

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Typically, six pack abs are undoubtedly a ‘must have’ item for any fitness fanatic out there! Both males and females would like to show off the ultimate display of body toning and workout discipline.  So, what’s the secret to getting a sculpted midsection? Here’s some advice from the experts.

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Possibly the most efficient way to get started in this quest is to review some of the crucial exercises that are required to get those abs showing in the fastest possible time. You will need to concentrate your efforts on all three sections of your core during your practice: the lower abs, the upper abs and the sides. Using exercises that target these specific areas will ensure you are well on your way to that chiseled look . Let’s look specifically at what’s required .

CRUNCHES – Lie on the floor with your arms folded on your upper body and bend your knees. Don’t try using your hands behind your head to help as this can actually cause a pain in the neck literally! Proceed by putting the entire weight of your upper body in your abs to get your shoulders as far up as you can. Don’t use your whole back to do this as you won’t work your abs as hard. When you reach the top of the crunch, hold that position and count slowly to 3 before slowly returning back to the ground but not far enough that your head rests on the ground again. The accurate repetition of this exercise at least 15 times will help build endurance, and the goal is to increase the numbers with practice.

SIT UPS – Crunches and sit-ups seem to be one and the same, but in fact there is a small difference. Once on the floor again, resume in the similar position as you did for crunches but this time when you raise yourself, you need to come all the way into the sitting position. Lower yourself slowly and then repeat as many times as you can. If you want a greater challenge, use an incline bench or alternatively, grab some weights and clutch them to your chest.

LEG LIFTS – Once again, whilst lying on the floor, this time with your legs straight out in front of you, slowly lift your legs whilst keeping them straight upwards towards the ceiling and as far as you can go towards your chest. Apply the rule of leisurely counting to 3 before you bring them back down. Challenge yourself to do as many leg lifts as possible.

OBLIQUE SIT UPS – Since this is a more challenging part of the routine, it is recommended that you are comfortable with the previous exercises before embarking on this one. To start, lie down as in preparation for crunches, with the difference that your hands should be positioned so that your fingers touch your temples. Whilst raising yourself, twist to the side so that one elbow heads towards the opposite knee. Hold for a count of 3 and slowly return to the starting position. Now try the opposite side. When you reach an advanced stage, doing this exercise on the incline bench will increase the degree of difficulty. You’ll really start to feel it work hard then!

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So there you have it. The workout you need to sculpt your abs is no secret anymore. For most of us though, the challenge doesn’t stop there. The next hurdle in achieving the ultimate goal fast is to get rid of the belly fat covering the coveted prize. To see the sculpted abdomen you’ve been working on, this layer needs to be minimized. To this end, complement your workout with some cardio activities. This would involve activities like jogging, swimming or even walking your pet, as long as done at a fast pace to increase your heart rate.

Besides exercise, you should also watch what you eat if you want to lose your belly fat. It’s as important to exercise as it is to diet as any fitness professional will instruct you. Yes, that second component comes down to fat loss, so concentrate on your calorie intake and cardio to ensure you have the best and quickest chance at shifting unneeded pounds.

Here’s another useful idea. To see results faster, increase the protein in your diet. This is because protein contributes to building muscle. Therefore it should ideally replace part of the carbs and fats in your meals.

You could achieve this by eating more fish, chicken, steak and eggs. If you’re a person who likes often snacks, nuts are a great choice. They are full of protein and have the ‘good type’ fats which are essential.

Alternatively, there are loads of various pills, powders and supplements that you can buy that will help increase your muscle mass (and of course your 6 pack abs). Just ensure that you do your homework and read the ‘fine print’ to ensure that it is right for you. If you select the right one, it can help you achieve faster results.

So don’t forget two main points.. Number one, the ab exercises discussed above will shape up your core. They will build up your muscle strength. On the other hand, aim to lose the belly fat that’s preventing you from seeing your toned midsection. Eat healthy, protein-rich food and do cardio training regularly. Follow these two strategies and there is absolutely no reason why you can’t have that perfectly well toned midsection that we all crave for.

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Burn Fat Quickly with These Easy Tips


Burn fat and lose the weight that plagues you . Weight loss boils down to that simple mantra. But just what can you do to make sure that you do burn the fat? A good portion of weight loss involves revving up your metabolism so that your body can burn fat on its own. Here are a few simple tips that can help you to burn fat easily .

Burn fat with breakfast

A key part to turning on your metabolism to burn fat is to eat breakfast in the morning. Remember, you’ve gone all night without eating and need to give your body some energy so that it can function.

Weight your walk

To get the most out of your walking and toburn fat faster, add some light weights to your routine. Simply carrying one or two pound dumbbells while you are walking can help you to burn an extra three or more calories a minute.

Burn fat with a dog

If you are looking for an excuse for a four-legged companion, a dog is a great way to burn fat. Whenever your new pal wants to go out, you can’t argue, and a fast-paced, 15-minute walk can help you to burn an extra 60 calories .

Eat small but frequently

One of the best ways to burn fat is actually to eat more. If you eat lots of mini-meals, you will have enough energy to get through your day, and it will keep your blood sugar from plummeting and sending you into starvation mode.

Lower fat intake

The less fat you eat, the less you need to burn . Plus, when your body needs more calories, it will burn fat that you already have stored up, helping to slim and tone you and melt the pounds away.

Talk standing

Got a phone call? Another way to burn fat more effectively is to stand when you are on the phone. Pacing your office can help as well. While you still get your gossip time in, you also enjoy the advantage of burning several more calories per minute than you would sitting down .

Leave your office

If you are sitting at your desk all day, it is harder to burn fat. However, a little creativity can help you to burn fat even while at the office. Try going to the restroom on another floor and use the stairs instead of the elevator. Talk a walk during your lunch break and hand deliver messages instead of using the phone or email .

Dance to burn fat

Hate boring exercise routines? Choose some fast-paced music and dance around to burn fat and calories. As long as you can keep moving, you will burn as many calories as traditional exercise.

Garden away the fat

You probably never thought of gardening as a way to burn fat, but surprisingly it is. Just 40 minutes out in the garden pulling weed or planting flowers can help you to burn an extra 200 calories. Plus it can be a great way to add color to your yard or grow fresh veggies for you to add to your diet.

Eat when you feel hungry

Another way to burn fat is to eat when you are hungry. If you are starving yourself, your body will react by slowing down your metabolism. Men should eat at least 1600 calories a day and women at least 1200 calories a day – more if you are in an active lifestyle.

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